Lisa is based in Glasgow and writes for the stage and screen.
Recently she has written for BBC Scotland, Channel 4 and National Theatre of Scotland, she was a BBC Scottish Voice 2020.
Her BBC Short Stuff 'Internal Monologue Girl' series of sketches has over 4 million views to date.
If you want to work with her or know more please get in touch.


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- How Tho? (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, April 2022
- Hanger Management, BBC Scotland Short Stuff, March 2022
- Pigeons Make Glasgow (online), Visible Fictions, December 2020
- The Shop (online), The End Series, August 2020
- Monolove (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, July 2020
- Short Stuff (television), BBC Scotland, Episode 1 & 3, July 2020 (contributing writer)
- R+J (online), Shakespeare in Isolation, July 2020
- Email (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, April 2020
- Creep (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, March 2020
- Party Political Broadcast (stage), National Theatre of Scotland, Just Start Here Festival, February 2020 (contributing writer)
- Secret Santa (online), Channel 4, December 2019
- Reveal Party (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, June 2019
- Tinder Date (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, May 2019
- Beach Body (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, January 2019
- Opticians (online), BBC Scotland Short Stuff, November 2018
- Let’s Cancel Christmas (online), Visible Fictions, December 2017
- Tramp Stamp (stage), Who Fed Benny?, Websters Theatre/Tron Theatre, March/June 2017
- Now I Am... 23 (online), Visible Fictions, January 2017
- Goodbye, Mince Pie (online), Visible Fictions, December 2016
- Dead Funny (stage), Witsherface, OranMor, March 2016 (contributing writer)
- FunnyHow..? (stage), Witsherface, Saint Lukes, March 2016 (contributing writer)
- Witsherface sketch show (stage), Witsherface, Bridgeton Community Centre, December 2015 (contributing writer)
- The Elf Factor (online), Visible Fictions, December 2015
- Christmas Advent(ure) (online) Visible Fictions, November 2014
- News Just In, Ep7 (stage) Random Accomplice, The Arches, Glasgow, July 2014 (contributing writer)
- News Just In,Ep2 (stage) Random Accomplice, The Arches, Glasgow, July 2014 (contributing writer)